How to Cross Stitch

Cross Stitch Taking up needle point? If so, one of the stitches you’ll need to learn is the cross stitch. This ancient, cross-cultural embroidery technique is also known as counted cross-stitch. The pictures below will show the method as worked on a plastic canvas with yarn to help you easily identify the technique. Part 1 … Read more

How to Critique Artwork

Critique Artwork An art critique is a detailed analysis and evaluation of a work of art. While no two people will experience the same reaction to a work of art, or interpret it the same way, there are a few basic guidelines you can follow to achieve a thoughtful, thorough critique. The basic elements of … Read more

Street Crip Beach Dance Movement

Crip Walk Want to impress your friends with the old West Coast dance move known as the crip walk (or c-walk)? Originally a dance move created by members of the Crip gang in the 1970s, the crip walk is now a popular dance move that isn’t affiliated with any one group. Keep reading for a … Read more

How to cover tattoo with make up

Cover a Tattoo With Make up Sure, you love showing off your awesome tattoo to your friends and peers, but you know that if your great-grandmother ever saw it, she’d go into cardiac arrest faster than you can say, “It’s only temporary!” Whether you want to hide your tattoo from conservative relatives, cover it up … Read more

Tips to Count to 100 in American Sign Language

Count to 100 in American Sign Language Learning numbers is a key part of basic ASL instruction. Even if you only know a few signs, once you can count and fingerspell, your communication will improve by leaps and bounds! Steps : 1. Learn how to sign the numbers 1-5.The numbers 1-5 are just like counting … Read more

Cosplay as Shinji Ikari

Cosplay as Shinji Ikari Have you ever wanted to cosplay as Shinji Ikari, the protagonist of Neon Genesis Evangelion? If you have a love for music, you like wearing a school uniform, and you care deeply about other people, you’re already well on your way. If you want to imitate the thoughtful Shinji Ikari, there … Read more

Copy a Electronic Key Fobs

Copy a Key Fob Electronic key fobs make it possible to gain access to buildings, vehicles, and other without having to use a physical key. Duplicating one can be a bit of a hassle compared to making a copy of an ordinary key, however, due to the fact that they have to be specially encoded. … Read more

How to Cool off Horse After Exercise

Cool a Horse Like any other athlete, a horse must warm up before exercise and cool down afterwards. In addition to getting your horse’s body temperature back down to normal, cooling off is important for relaxing its muscles and returning the horse’s heart and breathing rates to normal. Although your horse’s body has natural ways … Read more

Basic Cooking Terms and Techniques

Cook Anyone can cook, but there is more to cooking than simply throwing ingredients together and hoping for the best. You have to understand basic cooking terms and techniques. Knowing how to prepare different components of a meal, and in what order, can help you get the timing just right, and prevent things from cooling … Read more

How to Cooking Lasagna While Washing the Dishes

Cook Lasagna in Your Dishwasher Cooking lasagna in a dishwasher isn’t the traditional way to prepare this family favorite dinner, but it can definitely be a cool trick impress friends and family. With a tight wrapping of aluminum foil and a hot dishwasher cycle, you can whip up some lasagna and clean your dishes at … Read more