Vascular X Review

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Vascular X

Vascular X – Gain More Lean Muscle Mass!

Can you imagine building muscles without shedding sweat? No, right? But according to the website of Vascular X, it’s possible. At the same time, it claims that it’s done by science and not at all a magic. Well, I too workout for the bodybuilding purpose, and hence I can understand the difficulty that comes in the way to build a fine body and gain ripped muscle mass. Moreover, getting a lean body is way too difficult, as, at first, you have to shed extra weight then you can further build your body. So, since the beginning of the practice, I have been taking this and that supplement to amplify the outcomes. But the real help came from this only. And how it did that? Well, keep reading to reveal the true story.

A few months back, I was observing a strange thing going on in my gym and that was the constant mention of a supplement named Vascular X. Every second guy was going gaga over it. When I asked my trainer about this, he told me to try it on my own and compare. Right from that day, I decided to check its potential on my body and find out the real cause behind its growing popularity. In this course of action, I found out many interesting facts that I am going to share through this review.

Facts that I am Going to Explore in this Review…

  • What is it?
  • How does it Work?
  • What are the Ingredients?
  • Is it Safe?

And many more. Including every how and why that can help you explore every detail of this NO boosting supplement. Of course, I would advise you to read it out completely first and then only decide, whether you want to get it or not. After all, falling for something blindly is not good for anything.

So guys, before going ahead with this review, I want to state something very clearly that don’t expect me to be a diplomat with the facts or figures. I will present the true picture of the product, without considering, how you are going to take it. After all, I am not a paid writer and have invested my time to help the bodybuilding aspirants to know the detail.

Vascular X – An Explosive Nitric Oxide Booster – Here is Why?

If you see the testimonial section of Vascular X on its website, then you will find, Danny J. is a veteran bodybuilder and have already tried many of the big names from supplements from the market, is a real user of this formula. He says that when he took the first dose of this formula, he experienced an unbelievable pump in the gym; which lead to a trust factor between this formula and him. It encouraged him to take a few more dosages and then he could not leave using it ever. Now he is a regular user of this muscle booster and claims that anyone, who wish to use a NO boosting supplement without caffeine or jitters, should opt for Vascular X. The results are extraordinary, and it tops the ones available in the market.

Brandon C is another overwhelmed user of this formula, with shoulders in the making and he claims that this muscle booster has filled him with extraordinary energy that he feels jacked up any point of time and even after one and a half hour of his practice, his shoulders are out of control.

Sam G is comparatively a new, yet another satisfied user of this NO booster; who has tried Vascular X just before two weeks, but the results are so amazing that he has sent his review and has considered himself among other regular users. He compares the muscle stamina and energy that he got after using it, with the time when he was doing workouts alone. He certainly feels the difference as he got succeeded in pushing through his own old plateaus and reaching new PRs. During this, he found himself focused to his entire workout session, and hence, he opted for this formula for a regular user. It makes him experience the same every day.

Evan O is also a regular user of this formula, though he doesn’t reveal about how long. But he shares that he could lift more weight and could do more reps than ever, after taking this supplement without any side effects. He finds it amazing!

The number of satisfied users is countless, and you can find it yourself on the Internet or at its official site. You can find me there too.

What are the Ingredients of Vascular X?

Vascular X is a perfect blend of power boosters that are natural sources of Nitric Oxide and work in favor of your body to grow faster. However, there is no Nitric Oxide in this world, which can work without exercise. Hence, keep it away from your mind that this formula could create magic without you moving or doing something. You need to sweat but in a genuine manner. Now, let’s talk about ingredients.

It contains CON-CRET that is a derivative of creatine HCL, which does two important things for you that are remarkable:

  • It gives you fast energy that enables you to recover between two sets faster. Moreover, it helps you lift more weight and do more reps, leading to a ton of muscles in the body.
  • There is one more important fact that you need to know and that is, you need to drink at least 7-8 liters water to choke creatine down. But this solution comes with CON-CRET that is, an ultra-concentrated form of creatine HCL that allows you to take your dosage with a genuine amount of water without feeling bloated or gas. It only gives you energy.

Then it comes the term of L-Citrulline; which is a primary catalyst of NO gas. It produces NO gas in your body when you gulp in Vascular X capsules and amplifies your endurance, power, and strength.

Agmatine is another ingredient of this solution that is yet another powerful source of amino acid. It also helps in amplifying your power and stamina, so that you naturally feel higher in the gym and perform better.

Let me give you a summary of its ingredients:

  • Nitric Oxide Muscle Matrix
  • Vitamin B6 as Pyridoxine Hydrochloride
  • Vein-Annihilating Energy Blend – L-Citrulline, Agmapure, L-Norvaline, Agmatine Sulfate
  • Creatine Strength Complex – CON-CRET, L-Methionine, Creatine HCL, L-Glycine

How does Vascular X Work?

The researchers of Vascular X (names are not mentioned on the website) have found a novel approach and have opted for this multi-step approach that drives the performance cycle of its users. This approach is responsible to make this formula a ‘quantum leap’ beyond others. However, the science behind this supplement talks about Nitric Oxide and its functioning that works as a vasodilator. It means, it increases blood circulation in all over the body, especially during the exercise and makes you feel pumped up. With the flow increased, your body gets more oxygen delivered, leading to an increased strength and power, and exponential growth.


This muscle building formula is designed in such a way that it becomes an intelligent tool to play the metabolic tune fine and to smash plateaus. It encourages essential compounds, playing key roles in NOx cycle. In results, you get stronger, better and better period.

Is Vascular X Safe?

The same question came to my mind too before considering its using. However, it’s nothing new, any sensible user would feel the same. Hence, I find it very genuine to come in your mind, and this is why I have considered its presence in my review. Well, I definitely will not forecast for your body, whether it’s going to suit you or not. But, I can talk about my experience here for sure. So, my body is habitual of heavy exercise and doesn’t mind sweating for hours. Hence, when I replaced this formula with the old one and continued its use, I seriously felt no difference, in terms of safety or side effects. It was usual. Or you can say, it worked safely on my body.

Besides, I, at the same time, will surely guide you for using one after consulting a physician. If you are not well aware of your body’s nature and behavior and do the workout under an expert’s guidance. It will definitely save you from using it blindly and getting safe and secure outcomes. Moreover, using a supplement in a correct manner is the key to reach positive results. So keep this fact in mind and be a responsible user.

How to Use Vascular X?

Before I talk about the dosage, let me be very clear that dosage depends on every individual, so do the results. Here I am just giving you an idea of dosage, as described on its website. According to it, you are required to take 2-4 capsules during your breakfast, and the same number of pills during your lunch with plenty of water.

The active ingredients of this solution allow it to increase the body’s natural production of NO. With the NO level increased, you will feel powered, stronger, and more endurance.

Make sure, you make the most of your workouts that will lead to positive results that you have been craving to see.

But before we move on to the next point. I must tell you the importance of regimen in the muscle building program. I can just tell you that if you want powerful muscles, then the pills alone won’t work. It has to be combined with power-packed workouts. Moreover, don’t blindly rely on the dosage described on this page, or at its site. As they only serve for your knowledge purpose, and can’t substitute a face to face consultation with a physician. Do pay a visit to a doctor and get a complete body check up done before using a supplement. It will help you understand, whether you are allergic to any of its ingredients, or everything is going to work smoothly for you.

What Else…?

A good news! Yes, if you purchase Vascular X now, you will be given a Cooking guide absolutely free. No doubt you eat well and follow up your regimen completely. But, when you are training like an expert, then why don’t eat like one!

It’s a limited time offer and gives you a 12-week workout log and a performance Cookbook absolutely free. The workout log will give you free access to premium nutrition tips. You will get to know the athlete’s workout routine, along with the facility to track your progress in the gym with a workout log. While this cooking guide contains 10 different categories retaining 104 fuss-free recipes with easy directions to follow up.

It tries to turn you into a professional champion.

My Opinion about Vascular X

I began its use to see how it would change my routine and eventually opted for its regular use. Within a few dosages, I was feeling more energetic. My stress level was reduced, as well as my mood was getting improved that was unknown to me, why? I won’t be telling lies to you, but to be honest, all these changes in me were due to changes in the supplement. Instead of the market’s best selling product. I started taking Vascular X and could understand the fact, why people are going all gaga over it. I certainly would recommend to try it out once and experience the changes yourself, as I did, on my trainer’s call.


  1. •  Do not use if you are under 18
  2. •  Women are not allowed its use
  3. •  Overdose is not suggested
  4. •  If you are taking blood thinning, High BP, stress or any kind of medicine for a particular and serious ailment. Use only after consulting a doctor

Where to Buy?


Vascular X is as easy to purchase as anything you do online. Simply click on the link posted on this page, and you will be guided to the order page to get exciting trial offers served by this product. It gives you an opportunity to qualify for a sample, and test the benefits for free.

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